Thursday, September 15, 2016

How can I live my life as a digital nomad?

I am really feeling very crappy right now because:
  1. Jace is at work and I miss him so much
  2. My grandmother fell at home and now she's in the hospital
  3. My mother has been calling me everyday to make sure I go for her friend's mother's wake every single day (and I'm pretty reluctant to go because it is pretty far from where I am and I have many things to do today)
  5. My hair

So yeah, I'm pissed. 

You know it is just one of those days you wake up and feel like, damn! Like everything is just going against what you will it to be. To the point I got so frustrated, I shouted at Jace because I didn't want him to go to work. T_T

I know, I'm such a brat.

I feel so childish and kiddy these days because, sigh, I'm just a brat. 

Jayme Joy
And brats drink Pick Me Up from Joe and the Juice

By the way, there is a huge part of me that wants to just give up our lives here in Singapore, pick up our passports and just travel around the world. You know, the digital nomad life?

I'm still figuring this digital nomad stuff out, and also vlogging more consistently nowadays (hopefully EVERY day). 

There are so many things I want to do! Like heck yeah, I'm a SAGITTARIAN. I know, I'm a Christian, and Christians don't believe in horoscopes but crap I find this sooooo true. Sagittarius LOVES and VALUES freedom over everything else -- and that's freaking true!

I'm a free spirit and absolutely dislikes being confined to a space with only limited things to do. Which is why, even after so long, I enjoy doing sales and marketing -- because I hate staying inside an office (been there, done that) doing the mundane paper work. Anyone with me so far?

Who else hates staying inside an office all day doing the same stuff everyday? It's very boring right!

So, who else is a digital nomad here!
Would you please teach me the how to get into this lifestyle?
What are the pros and cons?
What are the perks and challenges?
How do you make your income?
How much do you make?
Why do you choose this lifestyle?
If you had a choice, will you choose this lifestyle again?

I'm seriously going to do this -- there is no point to keep thinking about this again and again. I figured I've thought about this long enough (like perhaps one year?), it's about time for me to put these thoughts into action.

BUT HOW. HOW is the question. (And that was a statement.)


I need some answers.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hair stuck in the round brush

Horrible experience with the round brush yesterday.

I was watching a YouTube video on how to curl hair with the round brush and blow dryer, and guess what.


I know right, how is this even possible. (Yes it is)

What made me feel worse was, it's not just one or two strands -- heck I'm even alright with fifty strands. Not that I have a lot of hair to begin with, BUT SEE THIS AND TELL ME WHAT'S WORSE:

Jayme Joy

I cannot. I really cannot. It took me one hour of pulling strand by strand out from the brush, and I still had a good, say, 3000 strands stuck. Or more.

I walked into the room, and woke Jace up.

Me: Bie, wake up. You see my hair T^T
Jace: *half-awake, and obviously unhappy with waking up from his slumber* What thing your hair?
Me: See... The hair stuck in the brush, I cannot take out TT___TT
Jace: Walao eh, what you do sia. Why you gay kiang (translate: act smart) make so many stunts. How do you want me to help?
Me: Help me pull out lah.
Jace: How you want sia, I'm not a hairstylist you know. *and obviously got even unhappier because I woke him up for this nonsense*
Me: *Tears roll down*

Seriously man. I cannot. I was so fumed. I was so upset. I had only one solution in my head.

Guess what I did.

I took the matter into my own hands. I picked up a pair of scissors and...

I cut the cursed bunch of hair out.

I know. I now have a bunch of super short hair on my head. I am so smart.

I now have to live with this stylo-milo hair for the next twelve months. Great.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Who gives the cloud its place?

I already intended yesterday night to wake up this early today to complete a long run. But when the alarm rang at 5.40 a.m. I was silently cursing myself because I was just so bloody sleepy. Who in the right mind wakes up before dawn just to run? Dedicated people, really dedicated people. Like myself.

Hesitant is the word. Hesitant. I barely dragged myself to wear the awesome pair of running shoes. 

I'm glad I did because... I really want to say I enjoyed the scenery but actually it's just because there was no sun. Which means I'm literally running my way to a fairer skin haha.

Jayme Joy
Feeling crazy after the run

You know we are supposed to go slow for my long runs -- so in order to ensure that, I ran while playing Pokemon GO. Besides hatching two eggs , it wasn't that fantastic because the phone was kept inside the armband and all I got were a few buzzes and I was too professional a runner to start catching 'em all. Even the hatched eggs were Psyduck and Paras -_-

Anyway, the one hour run was over and I was back home doing some stretching and singing some really great Christian songs. I was also reading the book of Job, and it kinda convicted me because Job's friend, whom I can't remember his name, was rebuking Job for complaining his predicaments. What's even better was the Lord speaking to Job in a storm and questioned Job about the creations and all. Questions along the lines like, "Who gives the cloud its place?" and "Do the thunders and lightnings report to you?" Just moments ago I was trying hard to appreciate the clouds in the sky as I was running.

I've never thought of such questions before really. I mean, I know God created all things, even the lizards and cockroaches and mosquitoes (but why), but I never thought of it the way He puts it -- who gives the cloud its place? I have never thought of such things. *Adds in meme, "You only think about yourself"*

Jayme Joy
Jace and I at church yesterday

And I know that I'm one beautiful creation ^_^

Thursday, September 1, 2016

What is FAITHRR?

Wow I've been sooo preoccupied with things that I haven't been posting here for a month?! This is unforgiveable!

Adding to my sin, I didn't even take a decent photo?! Not even one?! Oh Lord...

What has gotten into me haha.

Anyway, I've been eating about 90% raw vegan for weeks now, and I'm beginning to feel the OOMPH! I used to feel when I was a raw vegan. Can't help but be so much more carefree about many things! ^_^v

Oh yes! I'm also looking to tutor a few students! Anyone has any lobang? I have experience in tutoring P4-6 EMSC, also Secondary School English and Chinese. I am very talented in languages, you see.

It's not just about academics that I'm keen to touch on, I also hope to positively impact the younger generation by imparting them with these values:
F -- faithfulness: faithful in keeping our commitment not just in studies and CCA (oh yeah and tuition too *wink wink*), but also hold our words accountable. Developing into a lady/gentleman of our words.
A -- availability: and it can be as simple as being there for a friend in need. So much pressure upon us these days, sometimes we are too caught up in our own emotional whirlpool of stress that we may, unknowingly, stop being human to another fellow human being.
I -- integrity: this is quite straightforward I believe, but how many of us have it... Sometimes, I'm not even confident to say I am someone with integrity. Well, we are all learning, aren't we?
T -- teachable: always have this hunger to learn. No matter what we know. No matter how much we think we know. This pairs very well with the next value.
H -- humility: being humble and not boastful, especially about how much we have or how much we think we have. There is always a higher mountain (一山还有一山高 they say), and there is always room for improvement. My partner always says, "There is no best, there is only better."
R -- responsibility: starting a task and finish it. Finish it with excellence is part of responsibility too.
R -- respect: to our elders, our teachers, our parents, the people who have authority over us, our peers, and the people whom we have authority over. Especially so when we feel they don't deserve it.

FAITHRR is imparted to me by my mentor/teacher when I was in school. I personally feel that it has helped me generously, even after a decade later. Any parent/guardian who believes in this set of values? I'd love to connect with you and your child, and let's make this world a better place together!

Do you have a set of values that you follow too?

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I'm engaged!

It’s been two days since I’ve been proposed to, and I’m more than thankful.

jayme joy

Thankful for the love I’ve received from so many people – possibly the most number of likes I’ve gotten on my social media thus far, and so many of my friends and relatives to be giving their blessings.

Thankful for my dad, who has been giving us nothing less than full support even when the rest of the world did not. He has been standing on our side regardless of what people say. To him, when his daughter is happy, he is happy too.

Thankful for the spiritual family members to be so supportive – like my life group leader who texted Jace something like, “Wah want to propose bojio, can go down and support ma!”

Thankful for Jace’s sisters to be his partners-in-crime, planning the proposal on his behalf because he’s such a nitwit who isn’t too talented in planning surprises lol.

I am also very thankful for Jace for loving me unconditionally. Thankful that despite the foolish choices I made in the past, he still loves me. Thankful that despite my occasional nasty mood swings, he still loves me. Thankful that despite all the fights and arguments, he still loves me. He has taught me that love isn’t a mere feeling, but a choice. He chooses to love me – a person who has so many more flaws than good.

I am super thankful for God who has been blessing us with His grace and love so marvelous that none can compare, I don’t even know where to start.

Having gone through many failed relationships and wrong choices, I’ve never thought I would find someone as gracious and sweet like Jace. He is such a gem so precious to me. He is a God-sent gift to me, and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him.