Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I just want to nua.

I went on the treadmill this morning, the morning before, the morning before before, and it goes on.

I really hate to use the reason: I'm busy, but I really had been busy ever since the start of the new year and even missed three weeks of Muay Thai.

Despite late nights, I still make sure I jump out of the bed when my alarm rings at 6 in the morning. My work starts at 9.30 a.m., so I've given myself ample time to get to work(out).

I'm blessed to have a gym at such close proximity to my workplace, and a few co-workers who have made the conscious choice to get fit again so we can all pursue fitness together.

running blog

running blog

running blog

But this morning was different: I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, with zero (or if negative was possible, then negative) motivation to get anything done. All I wanted to do was to continue putting my lazy bum on the bed, laze around, and wait for uhh, that's right you guessed it -- nothing to be done.

And that's exactly what I want to talk about -- why are we always challenged to get things done? Why can't we just heck every decision and just decide to stay at home and do nothing? Why do we need to face the consequences of doing nothing -- because sometimes we just want to stay at home, eat pasta with steamed broccoli, and get nothing done afterwards.

I feel I am quite a hard worker, I give my all in the things I do (at least most of the time). Sometimes when I have nothing to do, I feel uneasy. The irony is, on some days I want to have an empty to do list and just nua.

I'm contradicting myself.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New Found Passion in Fighting

Not sure if y'all know about my latest obsession with Muay Thai, but the love is real. Even after millions of damaged cells and multiple bruises all over my body.

I've been in my school's Taekwondo Club when I was in SP, and loved every training session. Man, those hard sessions were the best -- they would leave me almost bedridden the next day after training.

I thought the trainings were hard until... I stepped into Bia's Muay Thai Gym (BMT in short lol).

Jayme Joy Fitness
My bruise-decorated shins a day after one of the trainings

BMT is founded by Bia, the head trainer. Bia is a Thai who was a Muay Thai champion in South Thailand. He came to Singapore more than a decade back, and started his own Muay Thai gym later in the years. His wife, Nina, also a Thai, lovingly spends her time in the gym as his great backend support. The synergy between the two is definitely worth mentioning. I've seen the hot burning passion in Bia's eyes, and to be honest, that's what got me to kick harder during training.

I've joined BMT in about late August/early September this year, and only went for like eight sessions (got the 8 sessions/month package) and didn't go back after. Why? Because the fiance assumed that the trainers in the gym had to touch me and caress me here and there to train me, he got uncomfortable with the thought and thus he forbade me to. Even though I told him countless times that it wasn't the case.

"He never touch you then don't ask him be trainer lah. Never touch how he train you?"


But 真的是沒有 what... -___-

*** Background info***

The fiance used to train in Hilltop Muay Thai. He suggested that I stop training in BMT and he would train me instead.

The number of times he's trained me since September till December? Twice. TWICE.

*Plays TWICE'S Like OOH AAH! in the background*

Every time when I asked him to train me he'd go, "Very tired lah, today is my off day you know, can let me rest for the day or not?" To the point I totally gave up asking him to train me already.

I even got the pads from Haji Lane or wherever that was with the Bestey and I only used the pads twice.

*** End of background info***

It all changed during our recent trip to Bangkok with the Muay Thai squad.

Since almost all of us are Muay Thai enthusiasts, we've gone to Action City in Bangkok on purpose to get these items, even though most of us already had them all before the trip because two is better than one:

  • Boxing gloves
  • Hand wraps
  • Shin guards
  • Muay Thai shorts
  • Muay Thai shirts
  • Who knows what else
Once we got these items, we went to train at Bia's brother, Bert's gym in Bangkok -- RSM Academy, just right beside Rajadamnern Stadium.

Jayme Joy Fitness
The Muay Thai squad with Bert (bottom right) and another trainer whose name I didn't get (top left)

The fiance got back into training after so many years and it seems like he's gotten back his passion. He's given me the green light to return to BMT for trainings, and what's better, he is coming to train in BMT together with us! Double yay!

That aside, I've injured myself after kicking Kiwi's shin (the topless one in the photo). When we were sparring (not exactly), Bert asked me to fake a right leg kick and kick with the left leg.

So now you imagine. We only had our right shins protected with the shin guard, and our left shins were bare.

Kicking with the right leg means opponent blocks by raising the left knee. Kicking with the left leg means opponent blocks by raising the right knee. Faking a right kick tricks the opponent to block by raising the left knee. Am I confusing you yet?

Long story short, I kick his left shin with my right leg/shin. Both shins were unprotected. And BAM! The impact was so hard that even Kiwi, who has been practicing Muay Thai for years, hopped away in pain.

And for me? It took me three seconds to realise the pain and fell straight down onto the ground, hugging my left shin in agony.

One painful second later, the shin was inflamed. The huge white bump was so apparent that everyone else just stared agog, before they asked if I was alright.

Funnily, after this injury, I fell in love with the sport even more. As sadistic as it sounds, I enjoy the pain, the sore, the cramps, the sweat... and everything else that comes from Muay Thai. Even the rope skipping that we had to do for warmup that I used to hate. Interesting how one sport can change my preferences in such a positive way.

For Jace? It's much more dramatic. I had been asking him to workout together with me for the nth time, obviously to no avail. I had been using so many ways to keep him from smoking, and the only change I saw was him smoking even more aggressively.

After this fateful Muay Thai session, he has been the one asking me to run with him, making better food choices, and telling me he desires to cut down on his cigarette-sucking hobby.

I have found another meaning to train Muay Thai with Jace with me too :)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

How can I live my life as a digital nomad?

I am really feeling very crappy right now because:
  1. Jace is at work and I miss him so much
  2. My grandmother fell at home and now she's in the hospital
  3. My mother has been calling me everyday to make sure I go for her friend's mother's wake every single day (and I'm pretty reluctant to go because it is pretty far from where I am and I have many things to do today)
  5. My hair

So yeah, I'm pissed. 

You know it is just one of those days you wake up and feel like, damn! Like everything is just going against what you will it to be. To the point I got so frustrated, I shouted at Jace because I didn't want him to go to work. T_T

I know, I'm such a brat.

I feel so childish and kiddy these days because, sigh, I'm just a brat. 

Jayme Joy
And brats drink Pick Me Up from Joe and the Juice

By the way, there is a huge part of me that wants to just give up our lives here in Singapore, pick up our passports and just travel around the world. You know, the digital nomad life?

I'm still figuring this digital nomad stuff out, and also vlogging more consistently nowadays (hopefully EVERY day). 

There are so many things I want to do! Like heck yeah, I'm a SAGITTARIAN. I know, I'm a Christian, and Christians don't believe in horoscopes but crap I find this sooooo true. Sagittarius LOVES and VALUES freedom over everything else -- and that's freaking true!

I'm a free spirit and absolutely dislikes being confined to a space with only limited things to do. Which is why, even after so long, I enjoy doing sales and marketing -- because I hate staying inside an office (been there, done that) doing the mundane paper work. Anyone with me so far?

Who else hates staying inside an office all day doing the same stuff everyday? It's very boring right!

So, who else is a digital nomad here!
Would you please teach me the how to get into this lifestyle?
What are the pros and cons?
What are the perks and challenges?
How do you make your income?
How much do you make?
Why do you choose this lifestyle?
If you had a choice, will you choose this lifestyle again?

I'm seriously going to do this -- there is no point to keep thinking about this again and again. I figured I've thought about this long enough (like perhaps one year?), it's about time for me to put these thoughts into action.

BUT HOW. HOW is the question. (And that was a statement.)


I need some answers.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hair stuck in the round brush

Horrible experience with the round brush yesterday.

I was watching a YouTube video on how to curl hair with the round brush and blow dryer, and guess what.


I know right, how is this even possible. (Yes it is)

What made me feel worse was, it's not just one or two strands -- heck I'm even alright with fifty strands. Not that I have a lot of hair to begin with, BUT SEE THIS AND TELL ME WHAT'S WORSE:

Jayme Joy

I cannot. I really cannot. It took me one hour of pulling strand by strand out from the brush, and I still had a good, say, 3000 strands stuck. Or more.

I walked into the room, and woke Jace up.

Me: Bie, wake up. You see my hair T^T
Jace: *half-awake, and obviously unhappy with waking up from his slumber* What thing your hair?
Me: See... The hair stuck in the brush, I cannot take out TT___TT
Jace: Walao eh, what you do sia. Why you gay kiang (translate: act smart) make so many stunts. How do you want me to help?
Me: Help me pull out lah.
Jace: How you want sia, I'm not a hairstylist you know. *and obviously got even unhappier because I woke him up for this nonsense*
Me: *Tears roll down*

Seriously man. I cannot. I was so fumed. I was so upset. I had only one solution in my head.

Guess what I did.

I took the matter into my own hands. I picked up a pair of scissors and...

I cut the cursed bunch of hair out.

I know. I now have a bunch of super short hair on my head. I am so smart.

I now have to live with this stylo-milo hair for the next twelve months. Great.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Who gives the cloud its place?

I already intended yesterday night to wake up this early today to complete a long run. But when the alarm rang at 5.40 a.m. I was silently cursing myself because I was just so bloody sleepy. Who in the right mind wakes up before dawn just to run? Dedicated people, really dedicated people. Like myself.

Hesitant is the word. Hesitant. I barely dragged myself to wear the awesome pair of running shoes. 

I'm glad I did because... I really want to say I enjoyed the scenery but actually it's just because there was no sun. Which means I'm literally running my way to a fairer skin haha.

Jayme Joy
Feeling crazy after the run

You know we are supposed to go slow for my long runs -- so in order to ensure that, I ran while playing Pokemon GO. Besides hatching two eggs , it wasn't that fantastic because the phone was kept inside the armband and all I got were a few buzzes and I was too professional a runner to start catching 'em all. Even the hatched eggs were Psyduck and Paras -_-

Anyway, the one hour run was over and I was back home doing some stretching and singing some really great Christian songs. I was also reading the book of Job, and it kinda convicted me because Job's friend, whom I can't remember his name, was rebuking Job for complaining his predicaments. What's even better was the Lord speaking to Job in a storm and questioned Job about the creations and all. Questions along the lines like, "Who gives the cloud its place?" and "Do the thunders and lightnings report to you?" Just moments ago I was trying hard to appreciate the clouds in the sky as I was running.

I've never thought of such questions before really. I mean, I know God created all things, even the lizards and cockroaches and mosquitoes (but why), but I never thought of it the way He puts it -- who gives the cloud its place? I have never thought of such things. *Adds in meme, "You only think about yourself"*

Jayme Joy
Jace and I at church yesterday

And I know that I'm one beautiful creation ^_^