Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I'm engaged!

It’s been two days since I’ve been proposed to, and I’m more than thankful.

jayme joy

Thankful for the love I’ve received from so many people – possibly the most number of likes I’ve gotten on my social media thus far, and so many of my friends and relatives to be giving their blessings.

Thankful for my dad, who has been giving us nothing less than full support even when the rest of the world did not. He has been standing on our side regardless of what people say. To him, when his daughter is happy, he is happy too.

Thankful for the spiritual family members to be so supportive – like my life group leader who texted Jace something like, “Wah want to propose bojio, can go down and support ma!”

Thankful for Jace’s sisters to be his partners-in-crime, planning the proposal on his behalf because he’s such a nitwit who isn’t too talented in planning surprises lol.

I am also very thankful for Jace for loving me unconditionally. Thankful that despite the foolish choices I made in the past, he still loves me. Thankful that despite my occasional nasty mood swings, he still loves me. Thankful that despite all the fights and arguments, he still loves me. He has taught me that love isn’t a mere feeling, but a choice. He chooses to love me – a person who has so many more flaws than good.

I am super thankful for God who has been blessing us with His grace and love so marvelous that none can compare, I don’t even know where to start.

Having gone through many failed relationships and wrong choices, I’ve never thought I would find someone as gracious and sweet like Jace. He is such a gem so precious to me. He is a God-sent gift to me, and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

God is Faithful

God is faithful.

I've started work at Groupon Singapore a little more than a month ago, as an Accounts Executive. Not one who does the accounting, but one who finds merchants to be featured on Groupon. Needless to say, there are targets to be met -- and my goal now is to bring in x number of merchants into Groupon.

The first week was great -- full of training and knowledge to equip us before we step into the field. Second week was so-so, brought in a few contracts. And after that... the following weeks were nothing more than cui.

I was sure I had been doing the right thing, pitching the right way, speaking confidently and all... but the contract count was a big fat ZERO.

I had been doing sales plus business since 2013, B2B and B2C alike, and I had always been one of the top salesperson in my field. I had so much confidence that I would do this job well, and on top of that, I was so sure I would be the best.

How wrong I was. I was one of the slowest to bring in contracts. SLOWEST. Even the new rep who joined in a month later than I did surpassed me. In my head I was thinking, "SEMO WOR?! WHY SIA!"

It got to the point that my manager had to pull me to have a word with me.

I kept asking God, "God ah, DIM GAI?! WAEYO?! NANI?!?!?!?!??!?!?!" I was so sure I was doing everything right, BUT WHY!

It was also for these past three weeks I started re-reading Brian Tracy's tips and techniques over and over again. I polished up my pitch, and upped my confidence level by like gazillion times, approached merchants much more boldly and firmly.

Throughout this period of time, I kept thinking about this verse, Job 37:5:
God's voice thunders in marvellous ways, He does great things beyond our understanding.
Yes, I totally agree -- because I had no understanding. ZERO idea why my contract count was soooo low despite having super high appointment rates. I even decided to fast from many things, and fasted from the game I was hooked on to (Tower of Saviors, if you are curious). I was desperate for a change in situation, I was on the edge. I even had the thought of changing my job (wow, so much for talking about perseverance -_-). Despite my inner debates, I told God I will be still and know He is God.

The next day after my manager spoke to me, all my subsequent prospects hopped on to Groupon on the spot (THE BEST MARKETING SITE EVER BTW TYVM). EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. To the point that I made up my loss for the past month and still have some to cover up for this month.

Then I got reminded of God's promise -- the promise that He will always be faithful, He will never leave me nor forsake me. Indeed, He is faithful. I remember every time I cried out to Him, I would always pray, "Lord, Your glory will come in a miraculous way. I know You will reveal Your glory through adversity."

After this change of situation, I realised that it is through adversity that we start seeing God's glory. It's only when we are hungry that we appreciate food. It's only when we are thirsty that we realise how tasty water is. It's only when we have nothing that we appreciate when things are provided. Most of us won't even want to give that bowl of salad another look when we are full. We don't even think of drinking water when we are not thirsty. Sometimes we even forget that we have good Internet speed because we are used to having it -- and try travelling with your roaming data for a week, you'll appreciate your home internet that you always complain about because it's always so slow.

Also, in times of adversity, do we trust in God fully? Or are we dwelling in our own problems that seem impossible to solve? I don't want to be the person who lacks trust. I want to be the person that believes God will deliver me, and always put my best at work -- because this is also part of worship, isn't it?

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Being Healthy and Fit is Simple

Just had lunch with a girlfriend at Far East Plaza and I had 30 kappa maki all to myself. Siao.

Now I'm waiting to digest before hi(i)ting the gym. My workout today will be sprint intervals on the treadmill and then work on my arms. But now I'm falling asleep cos haven't had a good sleep for days.

Did I mention I'm like the only one in workout outfit and makeup-less right now in CBD?

models diet and workout routine
Legit #nofilter

Have been working out at True Fitness Chevron House lately because J's workplace is just right at Chevron House. 

models diet and workout routine
J and I at a bar nearby after a long day of work(out)
This person play cheat because his face is so small already still want to hide behind the camera -_-
Again #nofilter cos I'm just too lazy

models diet and workout routine
Taken yesterday after a 5km jog on the treadmill

I was on the treadmill yesterday, because I haven't been running besides HIIT for a long time. So I started at a speed I was comfortable with, and jogged for 45 minutes. I felt strong afterwards.

To my surprise, it was a speed I couldn't keep up with in the past after 30 minutes. I've been wondering what's so different now -- I shamelessly conclude that I am stronger and fitter now. *act shy* Carbs help too!

Aside from the usual banana nice cream that I always have, for the past week I have been eating overnight oats! It's so damn simple I want to cry:

models diet and workout routine
Look at Daryl's reply wtf

models diet and workout routine
Overnight oats with berries!

Actually the berries didn't happen. I only brought the oats with chia seeds in the bottle to my friend's pastry shop. He saw how pathetically lonely the lunch was, he generously poured in the fruits for me. Thanks Randal! I'm very grateful :)

So, to those of you who don't have time to be healthy, whip up your oats! It takes a shorter time to prepare compared to queueing to buy your lunch outside!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

修炼爱情 (林俊杰 JJ Lin) Cover

I wasn't joking yesterday when I said I was playing JJ Lin's songs on repeat. Such obsession found me memorising the lyrics within minutes.

And singing them ALL THE TIME. In the shower, while cooking, while eating, while playing Viber Backgammon, while watching Jackie Wu's game shows, while grocery shopping with J, while while walking, and even while pillow talking before bed (more like pillow singing to myself and J getting bored).

You get it. ALL THE TIME.

So I found myself singing a cover of one of his songs this afternoon when I'm supposed to be in the gym.

I WILL. I WILL GO FOR MY SPEED TRAINING. In the evening. And lift weights when I get home from running. I WILL.

Monday, May 23, 2016

I vouch for baking soda and its cleaning powers

Finally back to SG last night. Before we left, J and I had a sumptuous dinner (lovingly prepared by mom) with my parents at their workplace. After a hot steamy gym session.


What we did in the car on the way back was nothing but just singing to songs playing through the FM. And that was how I acquired my newfound obsession with JJ Lin's music. Patriotism came late for me perhaps.

Have been listening a couple of his songs on repeat for the past few hours and still hooked.

Anyway I had the resolve to go to the gym above J's workplace today. We'd planned how the day would go: him going to work early in the morning, me sleeping in after waking him up, prepare to go to the gym, have dinner together before his night class.

You know, change is the only constant. I was hit with the big reds and felt like I could just drown in my own... erm... misery. It would look comical if I was just exaggerating the cramp. 

I saw the red patch on the bedsheets and went holy smokes I was just telling J about how awesome baking soda is -- it even cleans blood stains on our clothes. I proceeded to share with him how I used to stain someone else's bedsheets (I'm genuinely sorry), and used the baking soda I brought with me (I know right, auntie max cos who would bring baking soda around wtf) to clean it before the owner realised anything was amiss. Why am I even sharing this here wtf.

... then I took a picture of the stained sheets and forwarded to J, congratulating him that we aren't parents yet. 

I half-walked half-crawled to the kitchen to grab that same bottle of baking soda I used on my friend's sheets the other time and cleaned my own bedsheets. VOILA! Clean as new! Would've posted the photos but I'd rather not ruin your appetites.

Anyway the cramp was so bad that I put off going to the toilet just because it's a challenge getting up from the bed. Dear uterus, I promise to eat clean and be healthy so please don't hurt like this next month.

I'm now waiting for J to get off work and come home so we can cuddle and watch Athena together. Yes, I've influenced him to watch KOREAN DRAMA. I'm proud.